Operating mode

  • Monday-Friday: from 8.00 to 17.00, break from 13.00 to 14.00
  • Closed: Saturday, Sunday

General Director

Baltrameyuk Ihar

Deputy General Director

  • Bobruk Vasily

    Chief Engineer

  • Neberkal Roman

    Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs

  • Stasevich Alexander

    Deputy General Director for Raw Materials

  • Popko Sergey

    Deputy Director General for Ideological Work, Social Affairs and Railway Transport

Foreign Economic Activity and Marketing Department

  • Kondratyuk Lyudmila

    Head of Foreign Trade and Marketing Department

  • Odinets Oksana

    The economist (selling sugar to the domestic market of Brest, Gomel, Minsk region).

  • Levchuk Marina

    Economist (for the sale of products for export); sugar product “Sugar gelling Classic 1:1”

  • Lukyanchik Vladimir

    Specialist in sales of products (sugar, dried granulated pulp, molasses)

  • Kazimir Sergey

    Specialist in sales of sugar

Raw materials department

  • Martyniuk Natalia

    Economist in raw materials

  • Karpuk Igor

    Agronomist-inspector of the raw materials department

  • Samosyuk Tatyana

    Agronomist-inspector of the raw materials department

Purchase department

Central Accounting

  • Apekunova Alla

    Chief Accountant

  • Nesterovich Elena

    Chief accountant’s assistant

  • Kolpak Alla

    accounting accountant

  • Nazarenko Julia

    Accountant for payment for sugar

  • Karpuk Elena

    Accountant for settlements with suppliers and contractors

  • Khilkevich Lyudmila

    Accountant for payments for molasses and utility bills

  • Lazko Anna

    The operator for reconciling payment for sugar

  • Partei Nelly

    Accountant for payment for auto services for sugar beet transportation

Personnel sector

  • Matyushko Elena

    Head of the Personnel Sector

Production laboratory

  • Gin Tatiana

    Head of production laboratory

    • +375 (1641) 69-903